Christmas All Stacked Up At The Table Cafe

If you’re like me, and the festive season seems to have crept out of nowhere, and you haven’t had the opportunity to indulge your taste-buds in this seasons delectable Christmas favourites, then we have found the meal for you! Presenting Stackmas!! Fill up on all you could have ever hoped for during the best meal of the day…Brunch. At the award-winning independent café and Urban Garden on London’s Southwark Street, The Table, they have lifted the lid on two tremendously tasty seasonal specials, available on the menu until Christmas Eve.

Stackmas is a festive extravaganza strategically layered, to bring you all the best that Christmas has to offer, and who doesn’t love a Christmas brunch?! It boasts three grilled bagels stacked with The Table’s secret recipe chorizo and ham hock baked beans, a pan-fried stuffed turkey roll, pigs-in-blankets and two free-range, organic poached eggs. And for some extra seasonal pampering – it’s Christmas, after all – you can smother your stack with extra-cheesy cheese sauce. Oh cheesy cheese sauce, how I love you.

For all you veggie lovers out there, they didn’t forget about you, the Veggie Stackmas also sees three grilled bagels piled high, this time with The Table’s secret recipe cherry tomato and charred red pepper baked beans, a pan-fried nut roast roll, veggie pigs-in-blankets and two free-range, organic poached eggs – also with extra-cheesy cheese sauce on the side to smother your stack with.

If Stackmas wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, the Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes are to die for. These Oat & maple-roast-pumpkin pancakes come with a caramelized pecan crumb, topped with delectable English plums and a coconut yogurt layer. This tasty treat is hard to stop eating, it was recommended by the waiter and for good reason, it may have been one of the best pancakes I’ve ever had!

Having tasted the Stackmas, in all its epic triumphant Christmas glory, and the delectable Vegan Pumpkin Pancake, I can easily say it pushed me straight into the holidays! (After a well deserved food coma…So much foody goodness!). The festive seating available outside is most certainly strung with Christmas cheer, as we were greeted by lovely friendly staff, and very much needed adorable Christmas blankets to fend off the cold.  The lights were glistening as were our smiles throughout our trip to The Table Cafe, leaving with full bellies, good memories and a reminder that isn’t this what Christmas is all about.

Stackmas and Veggie Stackmas are available daily from 7.30am – 4pm, Monday to Sunday until 24 December.

The Table Café

83 Southwark Street, London SE1 0HX

Tel: 020 7401 2760



Instagram: @thetablecafe

Twitter: @thetablecafe


Victoria Patterson

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