I Love Four Seasons SS20 LFW -Contemporary Creature

Contemporary Creature inspired by David Manusco, the world renowned founder of The Loft in NYC, ‘the rebel with a cause’, driven by 60’s ideology and counterculture; one of love, peace, respect and freedom. This community driven celebration, a love of music, and ‘taking you as you are’ mentality are evident in this collection by I Love Four Seasons.

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Emily Walls, the designer approaches her collections as an artist, looking to outlet and show her creativity. With a passion for travel and with the soul of a hippy, the brand never seizes to inspire and draw you into her inclusive safe-haven, and all she asks is that you come with an open mind.

As I was anticipating the day of shows backstage at Victoria House, I went around, camera in hand to get an idea for the day ahead. A young designer myself with a passion for all things ‘hippy’, I found myself in the graces of what was a psychedelic dreamy wonderland! Captivating textiles, with pops of passionate and playful colour. Dreamy tulle ruffles seemed to take up the entirety of the backstage, as the beautiful and tall models happily posed for all those dying to take a photo (including myself). With playful furs, shiny iridescent rainbow showstoppers, bold reds of passion, and intense shades of black and gold. I knew this was going to be a highlight of LFW.

Shuffling backstage to find a seat before the show I eagerly awaited. The runway didn’t disappoint as the models came out I felt a sense of femininity and power. An homage to those exotic woman who paved the way by being simply outrageous. These women owned the platform and they wouldn’t be halted by anyone. If you think the 70’s are dead, well baby-cakes, you are so last season.

Backstage images:



Victoria Patterson

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