Janine Discovers London

“My name is Janine and I am a 22 year old model from Germany”

“I am studying English & Spanish at university and want to become a teacher”

“I love music and movies, especially English & Spanish films”

“I like to go running to keep fit”

“I love food and baking. I am a vegetarian, and if possible I eat vegan food”

“I also love travelling, and I’m hoping to do photoshoots in other major cities, like Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles, in front of their iconic landmarks”

“Sweets are my favourite food and I love trying different ones from all around the world”


“I really enjoy doing photoshoots and have done shoots for Floraworld and Dynamite GOLD amongst others”


“And I am definitely coming back to London for more photoshoots!”




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