Proud Chelsea – Pure Evil on the Kings Road

Proud Chelsea – Pure Evil on the Kings Road

23rd June – 7th August 2016

We were recently invited to the private view of ‘Pure Evil on the Kings Road’ at Proud Chelsea. Apologies for only getting around to posting this now (so much seems to have happened since June 22nd!), but you do still have four weeks to go and see this solo exhibition of original artworks by leading British street artist and gallery owner in his own right, Pure Evil.

Charles Uzzell-Edwards, aka Pure Evil, takes inspiration for the work in this exhibition from the infamous Kings Road, one of the places to be seen in the Swinging Sixties and one of the cradles of punk, with Warhol-esque portraits of Mick Jagger,Twiggy and Jane Birkin featuring his trademark ‘tear’ emblem. Other portraits include cultural icons like Barrack Obama, Debbie Harry and Elvis, Bowie, Madonna and The Queen.

When asked why these icons are crying, Pure Evil has said “It’s an illustration of the heartbreak and sadness we have all experienced in relationships in the past.”

While you are at Proud Chelsea make sure you go take time to go downstairs to marvel at the amazing photos of rock deities, fashion icons, sport stars and movie gods on their walls.


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