Adam Dix – All Are Welcome

Adam Dix

All Are Welcome

Eleven Gallery – 23rd September to 29th October 2016

“Social networking captures the techno-chic of the moment, but for all its glitz as the latest new technology to bind, bond and communicate, the principles it enshrines originate deep in our evolutionary past” Clive Gamble from Thinking Big

Last week we went to the private view and opening of Adam Dix’s solo exhibition All Are Welcome at Eleven Gallery in London’s Belgravia. The theme of this exhibition are the origins of communication explored through religion, folklore and national pageantry. He investigates the collective consciousness of past and present societies, exploring how we utilise social systems to create unity with one another, be it at a church or village green, playing together or acting on a stage.

What struck me first when I entered the gallery were the light, hazy and slightly muted colours of the paintings. Adam uses several washes of ink and oil to build up the colours and imagery in each of his works. This process demands conscientiousness and precision, as once a colour is laid on to the surface it can’t be changed. Using this technique and colour scheme he manages to link the subject of contemporary technology to its 1950s origins.

Adam Dix (*1967) lives and works in London and his work has featured in numerous exhibitions, both home and abroad.

Eleven Gallery, 11 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX

Tues, Wed, Fri 11am – 6pm

Thurs 11am – 7pm, Sat 11am – 4pm


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