Classics & Classics: Pairing Trainers & Cocktails with Sauvelle Vodka

We have told you about the fabulous French Sauvelle Vodka in a previous post and we even ran a competition for you to win a bottle. Sauvelle has been a must have drink in all the most glamourous clubs and at all the best parties both here and abroad, but this week you can visit the  Sauvelle Vodka pop-up at 17 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA, which is running a week of masterclasses and an exhibition, dedicated to perfectly pairing limited edition trainers to carefully crafted cocktails until Friday 7th October (though there might be a possible extension to Saturday), 5pm – 11pm daily for London Cocktail Week. Which means there are only two more days to go, so get yourselves some tickets now or just visit for a drink!

The decadent craft vodka brand has teamed up with footwear connoisseurs The Drop Date for iconic vodka cocktail and trainer masterclasses, conducted by industry experts covering everything from high-tops to highballs with a new serve and trainer each day. And you know you are in good hands as 17 Kingsland Road is home to Mixology Events, and they have the best gear you need to mix that perfect cocktail.

Visit the exhibition or try the twisted classic cocktails in the hidden bar in the back. From the iconic Martini (as dry or sweet as you like and made with marvellous Belsazar Vermouth) to velvety Bloody Mary’s (which have been given an extra kick) and everyone’s, and certainly my, favourite, the Espresso Martini, here made with one of my favourite liqueurs, Amarula Cream. And there are more. So don’t be shy!

And if you go, say hi to the guys from me!

Please note you will need to purchase a London Cocktail Week Wrist band to gain entry and then also a ticket for the masterclasses separately from Mixology Events

Also: the address printed in the London Cocktail Guide is wrong.

It is 17 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA

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