BBC Earth Magazine Launch at Sea Life London Aquarium

Sunday evening saw the start of Planet Earth 2 on BBC1, something we, along with millions of others, are really excited about. That iguana baby escaping the snakes! The sloth! The penguins! And, of course the wonderful Sir David Attenborough. Oh how I wish we had one of those super duper high–resolution large screen TVs in our living room! Well, we don’t, but it is still going to be a must-see for the next few weeks.

But what I really wanted to tell you about,  is the brilliant new monthly magazine that hit the shelves last week – BBC Earth magazine. I got my hands on a copy at the official launch event at the Sea Life London Aquarium at County Hall (Always a treat! Check out the photos at the bottom of this article that we managed to take in between drinking champagne and eating canapés). I have read it from cover to cover and I love it. It is packed with incredible pictures, stories and characters from the natural world, commentary and opinions from experts, including national treasure Sir David Attenborough and everybody’s favourite scientist Professor Brian Cox. There are also articles taking readers behind the scenes of BBC nature and science programmes, like the brand new Planet Earth 2.

Regular features will include: News of the Earth, about the latest discoveries in nature, science, astronomy and anthropology; Curious World, which answers the biggest questions about life and the universe; and from issue two The Home Lab will launch, featuring a DIY experiment for readers to try out at home.

It is a magazine for the whole family and everybody who has just the slightest interest in science, nature, people and space, from inquisitive child to science student, animal lover to amateur astronomer, should find something informative, interesting, illuminating or inspiring that will engage and amaze them. From awe inspiring photos to riveting stories, from travel suggestions to what’s happening in the weeks to come (Don’t miss the supermoon on November 14th!).

So, what can you find on the 148 glossy pages of issue 1? The cover story takes us into the realm of the mighty polar bear and its struggle of survival due to melting sea ice; there are articles on the Eastern Gorilla’s fight against extinction, which might not be too far away due to illegal hunting; on why and how insects and small mammals hibernate; on the pollution of our world’s oceans through plastic and what you can do to help; on how and where to work with penguins (I know a few people for whom this would be a dream job); on the life and culture of the Inughuit people in remote and bitterly cold north-west Greenland; on the possibility of resurrecting extinct species, like mammoths, in the near future; on the architectural prowess of termites and on the possibility of there being life on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Furthermore there is a photography masterclass by British Wildlife Photographer of the Year George Stoyle, an article that tells you what to look out for in sky at night this November, a fascinating (and slightly terrifying) pictorial on weather phenomena, a look at virtual reality, as well as the anatomy of the blue whale, the UK’s contribution to the space race and on how a spacesuit works. And finally, bite-sized guides to the month’s best books, apps and TV programmes as well as nationwide talks and workshops and what’s new in the natural world. Also a round-up of the world’s finest wildlife adventure trips from Tasmania to Costa Rica and enough facts, figures and trivia to surprise your friends at the next pub quiz.

This is a seriously cool magazine, one I will surely buy it every month. But you know what would be even better? If somebody bought me a gift subscription to BBC Earth magazine for Christmas! I would love that!

For more information visit

BBC Earth is published monthly by The River Group and BBC Worldwide and is available across the UK from newsstands and shops priced £3.99.

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