SASSY Cidre, Made in Normandy

This weekend has a bit of a French theme to it. Another event we went to recently was the UK launch of SASSY Cidre at ‘Lights of Soho’ Gallery in London’s West End.

Surrounded by neon art we sipped the French cidre straight from the bottle and also tried some of the cocktails on offer.

SASSY Cidre is created  by Frenchmen Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier and Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourden from the fruit of the orchards of family-owned Chateau de Sassy in Normandy using organic produce with the goal to produce a cidre that provides ‘real taste from real fruit’. 100% natural, gluten free and low calorie (just 50 calories per 150ml) this cidre has already established itself as the Parisian fashionista’s tipple of choice and is now available from Selfridges, London.

SASSY Cidre comes in three flavours: original, pear and, our favourite, rosé. Made from crab apples, the rosé is just the right mix of sweet and tart, fruity and bitter; and it tastes unlike any other cidres have tried. SASSY Cidres can be drunken straight, over ice and as a mixer in cold or hot cocktails.

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