Pornstar Cocktail Launch

Last week we met bartending legend Douglas Ankrah, founder of the London Academy of Bartending, co-founder of LAB Bar and Townhouse in Knightsbridge, author of the bestselling book ‘Shaken & Stirred’; and creator of a cocktail that has become a modern classic and can be found in bars around the world – the ‘Pornstar Martini’.

The ‘Pornstar Martini’, is a perfect mix of grain spirit, vanilla vodka, passion fruit puree and passion fruit liqueur, homemade vanilla sugar, decorated with half a passion fruit sprinkled with vanilla sugar served in a Martini glass and a shot of Champagne or Prosecco on the side. You scoop out and eat the passion fruit flesh, sip the cocktail and then cleanse your palate with the bubbly. Delicious, but also a lot of work for the bartender.

So, 12 years after the conception of the ‘Pornstar Martini’, Douglas, with the help of Wim Koolhaas from KoolhaasSystems and De Kuyper, the Dutch Royal distillers and specialist drinks manufacturer with over 300 years of experience, has come up with Pornstar Cocktail, a ready-to pour version of the original, with the idea that bars, clubs and hotels will be able to serve their customers more quickly whilst maintaining the highest standards and using the best ingredients. And though this is predominantly for people in the industry, I am sure this premixed cocktail will find its way into many a fridge at home, too. Who could resist impressing their friends by serving professional cocktails in a jiffy?

‘Pornstar Cocktail’ has been created to be used for the original Pornstar Martini, but also for variations like Tiki Pornstar, Pornstar on the Rocks and Pornstar Bellini. At the official launch party at The Edition Hotel in London’s West End, hosted by journalist, broadcaster and presenter Alix Fox, we tried Pornstar Spritz, Pornstar Fizz, a refreshing drink with Bulldog gin and Zonin Prosecco and, our favourite, Dry Daquiri, with rum and Campari.

Distributor: Indiebrands

Retailers: Gerry’s Soho, The Whiskey Exchange – ca. £20.00

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