Zhuang Hong Yi – Raw II

Zhuang Hong Yi – Raw II

Unit London until May 4th 2017

Last week saw the return of Zhuang Hong Yi to Soho gallery Unit London, where he showed his exhibition RAW in 2015. Zhuang Hong Yi is an international renowned artist, born in China, but living in The Netherlands for the last two decades, who blends Eastern with Western influences in his work, all the while showcasing his love of flowers and his interest in environmental issues.

Raw II is a collection of monumental and quite extraordinary works of art in two mediums: the more traditional paintings using acrylics, which are then sculpted; and his amazing Flowerbed series made from seas of  intricately and meticulously folded and coloured rice paper flowers that shimmer and change colours depending from what distance and which angle you view the work. They are stunning!


Unit London

147 – 149 Wardour Street

Soho, London W1F 8WD

 Opening Hours:   11am – 7pm, every day.


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