An Evening among Artists

We were recently invited to attend “An Evening among Artists”, hosted by Quaglino’s and Latinaria; and curated by Irene Due, for an exclusive preview of the work of four Latin American artists before their group exhibition at The Other Art Fair. It gave us a chance to meet the artists and talk about their work before the show opened.

Sylvia Lockart and Ana Lorena Nuñez both work with photography but they use very different methods and imagery. In Ana’s works of art you can see figurative images and experimentation while Sylvia uses photography to show nature in an abstract way.

Lucia Rohrmann and Mendel Samayoa are both traditional painters. Mendel’s work is inspired by light and texture and Lucia uses the concept of time to transform colours and symbols into art.

Ana Lorena Nuñez – “I see my work as a journey through different backgrounds and experiences, conflicts and relationships that are part of every human being, especially women. The situations that leave us marked and the mystery of them, and how they are archived individually or as a set of memories that are locked inside, how they emerge and how they are reflected in different situations that arise day by day. It is like the awakening of the individual in its essence, showing each of its facets, from the most sublime feelings, to the darker side that is not revealed at first glance.

My work is product of constant experimentation and curiosity, I build figurative and conceptual images through photographs, drawings, objects and collage images; isolated parts, which together form a whole, showing the essence of what I need to express. To me experimentation is an essential part of my work, constantly looking to renew it with different materials; I use multiple channels that include canvas, metal, wood and Plexiglas. I’m a self-taught mixed media artist from Guatemala, learning and working are my passion.”

Mendel Samayoa – Mendel Samayoa is a Guatemalan artist whose technique is based on applying colour on canvases with added texture. He uses a combination of colors as inspiration, and then lets “accidents” happen with strokes from his spatula, creating anthropomorphic silhouettes that are a reflection of the subconscious. He always seeks a central story and subplots that complement the themes of each piece. Human figures are created by applying drops of paint which make reference to their souls. For final details he uses sharp strokes to give the illusion of movement and then plasters the piece with grease to give it a rich texture.

Lucia Rohrmann – “Living and working in Guatemala has a profound impact on peoples lives appreciating what are basic services in other countries. As artists from Guatemala we are constantly working for different causes, someone commented once that what should be the government´s work and is not fulfilled, artists in this country work for it.  It is true but it is also very true that being an artist is a great privilege and with it comes the responsibility to extend ones hand to those less privileged.   

As a woman, a mother, now a grandmother and especially as an artist I believe in transmitting a positive message to all.  Being art the universal language it is my quest to send a message, through forms, composition, colors and symbols to awaken these feelings in the viewers´ minds and hearts. Through all these elements I propose to tell the stories of the figures represented. Each piece tells a different story, a remembrance or a thought. They carry the spirit of so many people of today and before and also of the future thus transmitting positive energy and joy. 

At the moment I have tried to interpret and represent some thoughts about time.  This subject makes an impression both in young and not so young as each one of us recognizes time as life itself and the need of living life to the fullest.”   

Sylvia Lockart – “The arts have always been a part of my life and I developed a passion for photography while working in advertising in New York City. I have been fortunate enough to have lived in numerous countries in Europe and the Americas and I travel often. Those multi-cultural experiences are the driving force to my curiosity and in many ways influence my whole approach to photography. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and of the Hampstead Photographic Society.  I currently exhibit and work in London, UK and in Maine, USA.”

Latinaria Collective






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