HP Active From The Home Of Polo

HP Active From The Home Of Polo. Performance Clothing For Sport And Leisure

HP Active is the brand new collection from Hurlingham Polo 1875, the Hurlingham Polo Association’s new sporting and lifestyle brand, created in partnership with The King of Games Limited, and the first and only polo brand that’s actively engaged with the sport.


HP Active was launched with a champagne reception and an exhibition polo match at Ham Polo Club on May the 18th co-hosted by Hurlingham Polo 1875’s brand ambassador and one of polo’s greatest modern professional players, Fred Mannix.

For over 140 years, what is now the Hurlingham Polo Association has been the spiritual home of polo and the sport’s oldest and most international governing body. Now, with partners King of Games Limited, it’s launching a brand new, premium sporting and lifestyle brand, Hurlingham Polo 1875.

The partnership with King of Games entrepreneur, Simon Hawkins, was created in 2013 and began laying the foundations for the business. Its first products were launched late in 2016 and today it’s announcing its new

HP Active collection, men and women’s performance clothing for people with active and sporting lifestyles. Branded HPA, it includes base layer, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets and gilets, all beautifully made and cut to facilitate free and easy movement. The fabrics combine performance, comfort and function, with Spandex for stretch and fit, and moisture management to keep you cool and dry.

Purpose designed for polo, HP Active clothing is ideal for riding, walking, running, cycling and wearing to the gym, and because it’s super stylish, it also makes great casual wear – with the added bonus that proceeds received by the HPA will be used to support the sport and the wellbeing of riders and ponies.

The HP Active collection joins Hurlingham Polo 1875’s on and off the field team kits, the brand’s recently launched Essentials range and, coming soon, the ’Hurlingham Polo Eighteen Seventy Five’ collection of polo appropriate country and smart-casual wear, handmade in Britain.

Premium clothes from a premium brand, designed and made for active people, and actively living up to Hurlingham Polo 1875’s brand values of authenticity, integrity, quality, unity and style.












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