Aadnevik Circus Collection SS18 – LFW

This season the Aadnevik Spring/Summer 2018 story brings us back to the early 1900’s when the Circus was the greatest show on Earth – full of reinvention, exhilaration and adventure. It was a time where the superheroes ruled, daredevils defied death and the freaks and animal trainers gripped the imagination.

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The inspiration came from the Venuses of the Golden Age, focusing on the female performer freeing herself from wild beasts of foreign lands. It’s glamour was both mystifying and sensational as well as terrifying and beautiful.

A colourful and bright collection takes the runway, with rainbow hues alongside metallic black and white elements that display the adventure and absurdity of the collection.

Patterns of the trapeze is imitated in the French lace and the prints are inspired by the elegant chariots that once contained the finest lions, tigers, wolves, bears and leopards.

New fabrics and technique are explored throughout the collection, such as soft chiffon, leather craftsmanship and couture beading. The gowns flowed effortlessly and the flattering cuts complemented the Circus theme, still with an air of utmost elegance.

Designers Kristian and Hila have described the collection as ‘without boundaries to their imagination’ – like the circus – a world of wonders, fun and excitement.



Emma Sengstock



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