‘The Green Knight’ Comes To Squirrel

Heather Knight, the England Women’s Cricket Captain, and healthy hangout Squirrel in south Kensington have teamed up to create ‘The Green Knight’ salad as part of Squirrel’s ‘Best in Field’ Series.

We met up with Heather at Squirrel last week, on the eve of her departure to Australia for the Ashes series, to find out more about heather the sportswoman and Heather the foodie.

In a Q&A session with Squirrel co-founders Zoe Stirling and Anneke Gilkes, Heather told us how a friendly rivalry with her brother as children led to her becoming one of the top sportswomen in England and the world. She clearly loves her job and is looking forward to the challenges the Australia tour will bring, hoping to bring the Ashes back to England.

One of her favourite things when travelling the world with her team is to try out local cuisines and finding good coffee shops.

And though she obviously lives a very healthy lifestyle and has to look after her nutrition, she also admits to having a bit of a sweet tooth.

Another one of her weaknesses is halloumi and the cheese was a non-negotiable ingredient in the salad she created for Squirrel.

Other than the halloumi ‘The Green Knight’ is made up of a medley of high protein ingredients, from quinoa to chickpeas, with broccoli, spinach, roasted mushrooms, sweet corn and rocket and, finally, a pesto dressing.

This salad has it all, with its ingredients providing vitamins and minerals that support bone and heart health as well as having anti-inflammatory properties, helping with tissue growth and repair, energy production and supporting metabolism. They are also a great source of fibre and protein, regulating blood sugar levels and supporting the digestive and detoxification.

“Nutrition and health have become such a massive part of my life as a professional cricketer. I try to fuel my training and recovery in the best way I can, and therefore I was delighted at the opportunity to link up with Squirrel for their ‘Best in Field’ series.” – Heather Knight

We got a chance to try a bowl of ‘The Green Knight’ and it is absolutely delicious. We didn’t miss meat one bit, but if you like, you can always top up the salad with chicken or prawns.

‘The Green Knight’ is available at Squirrel until January 2018.

About Heather

Heather Knight was called to the England squad and made opening batsman, scoring 49 on her international debut in 2010. She holds one of the first tranche of 18 ECB central contracts for women players, which were announced in April 2014. She was appointed Captain of the England women’s cricket team two years later and became the first female cricketer to score a half century and take a five-wicket haul in an ODI innings.

About Squirrel

The all-day fast casual dining concept which opened in summer 2016 has made it easier than ever for consumers to achieve a nutritionally balanced lifestyle in London. Located in stylish South Kensington, the healthy hangout serves clean, delicious and satisfying food that appeals to all tastes, from the virtuous to the indulgent.

About Best in Field

The ‘Best in Field’ kicked off this Summer with British explorer, Levison Wood and his ‘Kale Blazer’ salad inspired by his travels to The Americas. The series will rotate each season, with different notable figures who are the best at what they do.



Address :

11 Harrington Road

South Kensington


Opening Hours :

Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 9:30PM

Sunday: 9AM – 9:30PM





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