Naiise. Design for everyone, for everyday.

It’s the time of year when everybody is out to find the perfect Christmas present for friends and family. You want to give something special and nothing quite hits the spot. You want to find a gift that is unique and beautiful, something well designed and well crafted, but you see the same things in every shop.

I found the perfect shop. Let me tell you about Naiise.

Naiise is a one-stop destination for original and unique gifts and souvenirs, addressing consumers’ needs for meaningful and creative gifting solutions.

In its native Singapore, Naiise is known for original, well-designed products and daily design inspiration and it is also one of the largest and fastest growing design retailers in the region, stocking over 25,000 products from more than 1,000 emerging and established designers from around the world.

Until November 19th you can find a pop-up store filled with a selection of their London and Singapore inspired gift ideas in the Old Truman’s Brewery in London’s East End.

We went along to the opening a couple of weeks ago and loved browsing the merchandise as well as the delicious curry-filled nom nom’s. We also had a chance to chat to the founder of Naiise, Dennis Tay, who was over from Singapore, before returning there to open yet another shop. He founded the business, first online, with one simple goal – to make good design accessible to more people.

For more inspiration and if you can’t make it to London, Naiise has a wonderful website choc-a-bloc with ideas, and you can order from the comfort of your own home. From jewellery to clothes, kitchenware to stationery, small furniture to bags, books to games, prints to cards; there is something for every size of wallet.

Reflecting its roots as a bootstrapped start-up, Naiise is a champion of creativity and entrepreneurship in its local communities, giving makers and designers a fair and sustainable way to promote their products to larger audiences. Naiise is a strong supporter of local design, celebrating the unique community, culture and heritage that lend uniqueness to every product designed locally.

Old Truman Brewery,

Brick Lane, Shop 8, Dray Walk, London, E1 6QL




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