Go and see SOAP!!!


We told you a little while ago about SOAP (click here) coming to the Underbelly Festival on London’s Southbank and we have now been to see it ourselves and all I can say is “wow” – what a fantastic show!

This show has some of the most talented people I have ever seen on one stage, combining high-octane circus skills with comedy, modern dance with ballet, pop music with opera. Go and see contortionist Lena Ries do things with her body you would not think possible, Vanessa Alvarez using towels and a guitar like you have never seen them used before, Adem Endris Yemam bouncing and juggling up 7 balls simultaneously, soprano Jennifer Lindshield bringing a bit of opera to the party,  Marie-Andrée Lemaire clowning about and having the best of times, Moritz Haase and Daniel Leo Stern putting all those show-offs in the gym to shame with their gravity and death defying performances on the trapeze and straps respectively and Anton Belyakov who manages to make it look easier to do a one handed handstand on the rim of a bathtub than me getting off a chair. And all whilst being soaked in water. Astonishing!

If you are in the first few rows be prepared for a soaking, but, to be honest, I would highly recommend you do grab one of those seats. It is fun to be so close to the action!

SOAP is directed by Markus Pabst and Maximilian Rambaek. SOAP production by Reinhard Bichsel, Base Berlin.

SOAP is showing at the Underbelly Festival until June 16th

For details about tickets and show times click here

More about Underbelly Festival

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