Gin & Cheese – A Match Made in Heaven

Join Foxhole Gin and London Cheesemongers for World Gin Week

If you have not made plans for World Gin Week yet and are free on Thursday, June 7th from 19.00 to 22.00h, try and get your hands on one of the sought-after tickets for an evening of delicious Foxhole Gin and cheese pairings that celebrate the wine grape origins of Foxhole’s signature spirit at London Cheesemongers’ event venue, just off London’s Sloane Square, in decidedly foodie Pavilion Road (a discovery in itself!)

We went along to a sneaky press preview event last week and it was not only very educational, but, as both gin and cheese were involved, highly enjoyable.

You will hear from Foxhole Spirits Managing Director James Oag-Cooper how he turns leftover English grapes from the winemaking process through fermentation and distillation into a beautifully balanced spirit.

Like wine, Foxhole Gin’s flavours change subtly with each grape harvest, while always retaining a consistent quality. The evening will reflect this diversity with tastings from a range of gin batches, each paired with the cheese that best compliments the delicate, yet distinctive character yielded by that year’s harvest.

London Cheesemongers’ Director Jared Wybrow will select some of their finest cheeses, with an emphasis on herb and grass varieties, to evoke the essence of spring and summer. We had a range of goat, sheep and cow milk cheeses from Britain, Italy and France; some mild, some strong – and all wonderful.

Together they will demonstrate the similarities between the wine to gin and milk to cheese processes and what makes them such perfect companions.

Enjoy the gin, enjoy the cheeses and enjoy the company – we certainly did!

Get your tickets here:

About Foxhole

Foxhole Spirits was established in 2016 and is the brain child of co-founders James Oag-Cooper, who got interested in food and drink while working on Australian Masterchef and completed a BA in Wine Business at Plumpton College upon his return to the UK, and Sam Linter, winemaker and director of Bolney Wine Estate in Sussex. Foxhole Spirits is one of the first ever spirit companies to create exceptional gin by utilising otherwise unused resources from elsewhere in the drinks industry. Their original spirit, Foxhole Gin, is created using rare and valuable by-products from the Sussex grape harvest. The unused juice is pressed from the grapes before being fermented and distilled, a process which helps to reduce wastage from the wine industry and helps to make Foxhole Gin beautifully balanced, smooth and aromatic with flavours that subtly change with each new harvest.

Foxhole Spirits

T: 01444 220529 E:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @foxholespirits

London Cheesemongers

251 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP

T: 020 7730 2088    E:

Facebook: @londoncheesemongers

Twitter, Instagram: @ldncheesemonger


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