‘KIDNAP’ a Comedy by Coates & Cooper

Coates and Cooper Present: Kidnap, is the debut show from two rising female comedians who stepped their country bumpkin feet onto highland soil for the first-time last year premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. After an amazing audience reaction, they are bringing their comedy show to the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in London on the 26th-27th June and would love to invite you along.

Coates and Cooper bring badly behaved characters Barry and Keith to life using a mix of innovative technology, to reveal the comedy in a kidnap. The duo combines stand-up and character comedy in this new theatrical blast.

Lauren Coates (32) and Lauren Cooper (28) first performed together in the award-winning web series Quirkology and have since found a connection in comedy that they feel must be shared.

Director of Quirkology; Johnathan Davenport writes – “Coates and Cooper both have a natural affinity with comedy, they bounce off each other well (figuratively and literally) and their infectious, high-energy rapport can inject hilarity into any situation, giving a refreshing, much needed update to the “straight (wo)man, funny (wo)man” style.”

Coates has a background in sketch and stand-up comedy whilst Cooper specialises in comedic physical theatre. Coates is quoted saying “The combination of our backgrounds in stand up and physical theatre means we have been able to create a personal and relatable piece of theatre where the audience can get to know the many quirks of Keith and Barry and go on the journey with them.”

Using a few technical touches, Coates and Cooper manage to get all four characters on stage interacting together as their worlds collide. The audience will feel fully involved throughout this engaging and interactive comedy.

Last year an audience review which stated, “Coates and Cooper bring British Comedy back to life with a unique style of sketch show and improve”. Another quoted “it’s a great show, the use of technology is amazing, high production value, the jokes are smart and witty and what an amazing audience interaction “.

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

42-44 Gaisford St, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2ED

Dates: 26th – 27th June

Showtime: 19:30pm

Tickets: www.seetickets.com/tour/kidnap

Facebook: Coatesandcooper

Twitter: Coatesandcooper

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