Keeping The Summer Alive

Summer has gone and now it’s the season to put away the sunhats and bring out the beanies and gloves. To be reminded of the glorious sunshine and the holiday season, Heidi Klein swim and resort wear offer plenty of inspiration in their range, from the sweet scent of coconut in their boutique to their beautiful, accessories and skincare to keep the bright colours and fun feel of summer alive. Even in the cold!

Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein set out to launch the UK’s first one-stop holiday shop, providing resortwear and accessories for a perfect beach holiday. Their coconut-scented, Hampton’s style boutique in Notting Hill is adorned with coral and palm leaves, takes the shopper away to a holiday destination itself, making swimwear shopping an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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Their collections comprise of elegant cuts and styles with exquisite prints and high- end fabrics. The cuts used create an impeccable fit for clients which can be fitted upto seven times to achieve such precision. Each piece is tailored to one’s specific requirement and is durable and built to last. This provides perfect support and comfort while still maintaining it’s absolute luxurious texture due to the high quality Italian fabrics that are used.

Inspiration was drawn from listening to clients and understanding their wants and needs, allowing them to look and feel fabulous on holiday.

This understanding subsequently led the brand to immediate success, including an array of celebrity clients and an overall loyal customer base. As each creation provides comfort and perfect fit, yet still maintaining its elegance and fashionable style, it is bound to continue it’s popularity and growth throughout the world.

Models: Emma, Lana, Laura

Emma Sengstock

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