National Prosecco Day 2019 @ Eve Bar

If you love prosecco, this must be your favourite day of the year and we have got a suggestion to make it even more special.

The UK’s favourite sparkling wine* Prosecco DOC, is celebrating National Prosecco Day on August 13th with a Prosecco DOC cocktail masterclass at one of London’s top bars, Eve Bar in Covent Garden.

Tickets to celebrate National Prosecco DOC Day at Eve Bar include the Prosecco DOC cocktail masterclass with leading barmen Alessandro Geraci of the Chiltern Firehouse and Gaspare Di Carlo of Sky Garden.  They will be creating three sensational Prosecco DOC summer cocktails, to be served with a generous selection of Eve’s famous bar snacks, created by chef/owner Adam Handling.  (If you can’t make it on the day, you can find the recipes below for you to enjoy the bubbly cocktails at home)

The cocktail masterclass begins at 7pm and runs for 90 minutes, and guests will be seated in an exclusive area, so places are limited.

Ticket details are available from

Eve Bar

34 Southampton St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HF


Prosecco DOC Cocktails

Created by Alessandro Geraci and Gaspare Di Carlo of Hospitalian for Prosecco DOC

Roman Empire


  • 15ml Italian Dry Gin (we use VIII Hills)
  • 10ml Grappa
  • 10ml Rhubarb Liquor
  • 20ml Peach Puree
  • Extra Dry Prosecco DOC

Combine all ingredients together except the Prosecco DOC. Pour into a Rock glass over ice and top up with Extra Dry Prosecco DOC



  • 10ml orange juice
  • 10ml fresh fennel
  • 15ml Fortunella liqueur
  • Extra Dry Prosecco DOC

Combine all ingredients together except the Prosecco DOC. Pour into a sparkling wine flute over ice and top up with Extra Dry Prosecco DOC



  • 30ml Italicus liqueur
  • 15ml grapefruit juice
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Brut Prosecco DOC

Combine all ingredients together except the Prosecco DOC. Pour into a tall glass over ice and top up with Brut Prosecco DOC


*Prosecco DOC facts and figures for National Prosecco Day:

  • Here in the UK, we bought around 117 million bottles of Prosecco DOC last year – accounting for around 66% of all sparkling wines sold
  • 464 million bottles were produced in the Prosecco region in 2018, with the UK being the biggest export market – we drink around a third of all Prosecco DOC exports
  • Prosecco DOC is produced in two regions; Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, across nine provinces which include some of Italy’s most beautiful and cultural cities such as Venice, Padova and Treviso, so a visit to the area is an opportunity to explore the Prosecco DOC dreamland
  • You can tell if the Prosecco DOC you are buying is authentic by the official blue seal on the side of the bottle. Prosecco DOC must be printed on the front label and Product of Italy must be printed on the back label – this means that the production conforms with the strict rules governed by the Tutelary Consortium for Prosecco DOC with regards to protecting the origin and quality of the wine, the environment, social/ethical issues and economics.
  • Prosecco has been enjoyed since Roman times; Pliny referred to the wine in his Historia Naturalis, but its only since the late 19th century that Prosecco has undergone a second fermentation to become the sparkling wine we know today
  • Prosecco DOC is created primarily with a white grape variety known as Glera, which dates back to Roman times. All varieties of Prosecco DOC must contain a minimum of 85% Glera grapes
  • In 2018 there were 11,102 winegrowers, 1,211 winemakers and 348 sparkling wine houses, with 24,450 hectares on vineyards within the Prosecco DOC jurisdiction
  • The most famous and popular style of Prosecco is Spumante (sparkling) with a fine and persistent perlage. The other less known typologies are Frizzante (semi – sparkling) with a lighter effervescence and Tranquillo, with no bubbles.

*Figures from the Wine and Spirits Trade Association April 2019


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