Spice Spice Baby!

Recent reports suggest that people who eat spicy food live longer.

So here’s a date to put in your diary to increase the chances of your longevity.

September 27th 2015 – 12-6pm

The ‘Festival of Heat’ will, for the third year running, come to the capital and open its doors to welcome all chilli lovers for an afternoon of food, music and more. This year it will take place at Red Market in Shoreditch, just a few minutes away from Old Street Station.


We were invited to a sneak preview of the festival and meet some of the people involved in it, like founder and organiser Rossana Leal, and to hear about the plans for this year.


004 006

‘World of Zing’ gave us a quick master class in rare chillis, ‘Made in Hackney’ showed us how to make our own chilli oil (still got some in our kitchen!) and ‘TTaste Hot Chilli’ provided delicious Crispy Pan Fried Gyoza with Korean Bean Sprout Salad to go with their chilli oils. Encona, makers of some seriously hot sauces who are celebrating their 40th birthday this year and are sponsoring the event, introduced us to some of their new sauces and marinades, like their Korean BBQ and Moroccan Harissa Marinades and the Peruvian Amarillo Chilli Sauce.

009 0000333  011 010 013 008 014 015

And finally there was the festival’s rum based signature cocktail with a kick – Background Heat.


The festival will be bigger and better than ever, with vendors selling food from around the world (Indonesian, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese &  Middle Eastern as well as churros with chilli chocolate and ice cream) and over 20 stalls selling chilli produce and gifts, like spices, pickles, chocolates, sauces and more. There will be workshops, talks and cooking demonstrations. And to add to the festival atmosphere there will also be music with Bengali folk music and Bollywood dancing from Tridhara & Shomi Das as well as London folk & country music from The Hot House Ceilidh Band and The Du Rell Family.

016 017

All that and you’ll probably even add a few years to your life!

For more information and tickets visit http://www.thefestivalofheat.co.uk

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