K-Swiss – 50th anniversary party


London-Olios were invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of American footwear brand K-Swiss at Shoreditch Studios in London.

The event featured a display of the new range of footware and a white carpet tennis court in one of the rooms, a dj and light show in the other, and we were treated to a selection of seriously good pizzas from Voodoo Ray’s, ‘The Classic’ and ‘The Irvine’ rum cocktails, Pistonhead Kustom lager and old fashioned soda.

50 years ago, in 1966 two Swiss brothers moved to the US West Coast and establish the brand now known as K-Swiss. The brand produced the first leather tennis shoe, taking inspiration from a leather skiing boot, which provided a secure fit on the court and became an instant hit.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary the brand has reissued their vintage footwear styles, including the Classic ’66 OG USA, Americas first leather tennis shoe which was first created in the year of the companies inception. The line-up also includes the Irvine OG, Classic ’83, Classic ’88 and Classic ’88 Lux. The Classic ’88 Lux is a stripped back version of the original ’88 with the stripes removed to show off the premium leather upper, and upgraded D-Rings have been applied instead to keep the laces in place. Each style is particularly clean in appearance, with the signature side stripes emblazoned across the sidewalls, and off white vintage midsoles added to indicate that aged personality.



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