Sauvelle Craft Luxury French Vodka Limited Edition

Sauvelle Craft Luxury French Vodka Limited Edition Lights Up the Luxury Market

Sauvelle Vodka, launches its new electro-luminescent magnum and jeroboam bottles on Thursday 26th May. The exclusive ‘La Nuit’ bottle has been launched to showcase the dynamic and discerning drinking styles that now eclipse in the best bars and clubs across the world. The bottles of course still retains the award winning original spirit, which is a truly independent, small batch, 100% natural crafted spirit is distilled in the Charente region of Cognac.

 ‘La Nuit’s Iconic electro-luminescent label enlivens the ‘wild and beautiful’ night environment and enhances the luxury lifestyle choice for our free spirited, bon vivant Sauvelle Vodka drinkers.

Exclusive to 31 Dover, the La Nuit bottle houses the latest expression of the artisan spirit and is strictly limited edition, with only a limited amount of the bottles produced. Sleek and set in black, it conveys the sophisticated decadence of the wild and beautiful, for which Sauvelle is named after in French.

Set to illuminate some of the most prominent and exciting nightclubs and bars in the world, Sauvelle is served at Cirque le Soir, Maddox, Cuckoo, Raffles and will also make its debut at Drama.

Sauvelle  was created  by  master distiller Miko, using  the traditional  method  of  fine  vodka-making,  but  taking  the    refinement to the next level.

Ingredients & Taste

Sauvelle is smooth, modern, crafted Vodka; distilled from French Winter Wheat, using the celebrated clear spring waters of Gensac.  It is unchill-filtered and oak smoothed using chêne du Limousin, charred oak and cherry wood, to achieve natural vanilla and caramel notes.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Crisp, clean and fresh, with a subtle notes of vanilla, almond and cherry blossom
  • Palate: Smooth, creamy and rounded with character, notes of vanilla and almond
  • Finish: Extremely smooth and creamy, with lingering vanilla and caramel

Studio Sauvelle

As part of its commitment to craft and creativity Sauvelle introduces Studio Sauvelle, a platform working with esteemed creatives in the Art, Design, Fashion and Music spheres, nurturing and celebrating their talents and helping bring them to wider public acclaim.

Studio Sauvelle’s inaugural stable of creatives are leading tattoo artist Dominique Holmes, international DJ Charles Prince, highly sought illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan and acclaimed jeweller Catherine Zoraida. Each has been commissioned by Sauvelle to work with the brand’s concept of wild and beautiful.

Studio Sauvelle will come to life at three exclusive invite-only brand launch events in London, Ibiza and Paris where the original pieces made by the Studio Sauvelle Creatives will be unveiled. Each item is connected to the Sauvelle drinking experience.

Discover the unique vision of Studio Sauvelle’s first stable of creatives working with the brand’s concept wild and beautiful, when they are showcased at Sauvelle’s London launch in June 2015.

The Team

Sauvelle is the first spirit to be created by the founders of Ossau Vins & Spiritueux Ltd. Antoine and Olivier are good friends passionate about fine spirits, and supporting the growing revival of French craft distilling traditions.   Their vision has been brought to market with the help of Original Marketing & Strategy agency, and a small team of creatives which includes music and content agency Script and web and social media agency Terry and Fran.

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