Maple Water – What’s it all about?

DRINKmaple, makers of pure maple water, recently asked us to sample their product and tell them (and you) what we think.

As you know, I’m not keen on plain water and I really dislike coconut water, so I am always looking for an alternative and I must say that I really, really like the maple water from DRINKmaple.

Its taste is difficult to describe (it certainly doesn’t taste of maple syrup), but it has just the tiniest hint of natural maple and sweetness. Many other flavoured waters can be very sweet or they are too acidy, but maple water is just right for me.

I find it is really refreshing and it was perfect during the recent hot and humid days. I also like that it comes in different sizes, so I can keep a large carton in the fridge at home and take a bottle or smaller carton for my commute and to the office.

It has only half the sugar of coconut water, about 1.5g or 8kcal per 100 ml and it boasts 46 different nutrients, all from just the one ingredient, straight from the maple tree. It is high in calcium and manganese and is naturally free of gluten and dairy and suitable for vegans. It contains important minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics.  DRINKmaple came into being thanks to two American Ironman triathletes who discovered that maple water offered the most refreshing drink they could find. The malic acid in the drink is also supposed to help with muscle soreness and to reduce fatigue.

DRINKmaple have adopted the slogan ‘amazing water doesn’t grow on trees it grows in them’ and they produce this water using century old methods, first used by Native Americans, by simply tapping maple trees, a process in which the plants are not harmed, and allowing the water with its nutrients and minerals the trees have amassed through their roots, to run into buckets. The organic maple water is then bottled without anything being added or taken away and without any boiling.

As they say: One Ingredient Straight From The Tree.



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