Introducing Art de Parfum

Introducing Art de Parfum

Fragrances that exude French sophistication

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the French way of doing things – of dressing, of drinking coffee, of riding a bike, even – that never fails to inspire envy. Who among us has not sat in a Parisian café, greedily soaking up the effortless style of passing French women, with their artfully tied scarves and mysterious smiles?

Ruta Degutyte, founder of Art de Parfum, has taken this almost indefinable essence of French sophistication and distilled it into a line of perfumes that will lend the wearer that same air of joie de vivre. “The French are never gaudy or flamboyant,” notes Ruta, “In fact, their style relies on simplicity. Coco Chanel said that every woman must stand in front of the mirror and take one thing off. The idea is that only the essence of that woman’s style remains. And it is exactly this principle that my fragrances reflects.”

Born in Lithuania to a family of philosophers, Ruta is one of life’s risk takers. Working as a business consultant in Australia in 2012, she decided to take the plunge and pursue her dream of making perfumes. With nothing more than her own courage in her back pocket, off she went to Grasse to learn all she could, and then to London to set up her business. “Everything I do, I do with passion.”

In France, fragrance is seen as an art form, hence the name Art de Parfum. French people care about having only the very best – the perfect leather jacket, the chicest shade of red lipstick, and yes, the right scent. Each perfume in the Art de Parfum line fits perfectly with this idea of effortless French chic.

Ruta spent about three years getting the perfumes right. She scoured the planet for the right raw materials and perfumers with which to achieve her vision. Keeping the packaging simple but chic, Ruta was able to invest everything else into the best materials on the market, and in a young but super-talented French perfumer.

Art de Parfum’s first range of five exquisite extraits (pure perfumes), available at, is expertly blended and features only the very best of essential oils and absolutes. The line comes stylishly presented in 50ml glass spheres priced at £108.00 each.

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