Simple Minds Legend Mel Gaynor at the Hard Rock Cafe

Last month we attended an exclusive performance of Simple Mind’s Drummer Mel Gaynor at London’s iconic Hard Rock Café, accompanied by some of London’s best upcoming talent and supported by Abi Bridgeman.

It was Mel’s first ever official solo gig as a singer, but he is, of course, best known as long-time drummer of 80’s rock band, Simple Minds. His forthcoming album is a mix of reworked classics and his own compositions, some co-written with his brother Gordon, who is also a member in his backing band. The first single, released on 12th September, the day of his showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe London, is a cover of the late Robert Palmer’s hit ‘Addicted to Love’, and features Palmer himself. A second single will be released later this year, and with a full album scheduled for 2017.

Supporting act Abi Bridgeman

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