Skye Halla at The Queen of Hoxton

If you want to channel the Viking in you this winter, we know the perfect place for this. Forget ‘hygge’ and cosy nights in with a candle and a mug of hot chocolate and make your way to The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop winter WigWam, which has been transformed into a Nordic Viking drinking hall, complete with a long boat bar, open fire pits, driftwood sculptures and wandering storytellers. Sit under the stars and eat, drink and be merry!

The Shield-Maiden Skye presides over this place of debauched deeds and decadent feasting and invites you to partake in an excellent menu of foraged cocktails and warming winter foods. Try the Blood of Loki, a potent brew of whiskey, port, thyme, ginger and rosemary, Thor’s Courage, a moreish concoction of vodka, mead and honey, Bjork’s Wild Brambled Wine made with spiced red wine and gin or Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum – just what the doctor ordered. The food is filling, warming and great value for money. We loved Vigids’s Venison goulash meat balls and Tyr’s Turkey, a sloe gin braised turkey leg. All main courses come with root vegetable crush and sweet and sour red cabbage. Check the website for specials of the day and Vegetarian options.


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