Getty Images Gallery presents Year in Focus 2016


On 20 January 2017 Getty Images Gallery in London launched Year in Focus 2016, a retrospective exhibition featuring a selection of images capturing the ground breaking events of the past year.

Getty Images’ award-winning photographers covered more than 130,000 news, sport and entertainment events globally, delivering their images to news rooms and media publishers around the world. Year in Focus 2016 showcases the most significant moments from the year, as well as archival anniversaries and obituaries.

Important news events include the refugee crisis, Britain exiting the EU and the US election, sporting events the Olympics and then there are, of course, annual events like the Oscars. Visitors will also be able to view some of Getty Images’ poignant archive images, marking landmark anniversaries and obituaries of some of the bright stars lost in 2016, including David Bowie, Prince and Muhammed Ali.

Hugh Pinney, Vice President News, Getty Images said: “2016 was a turbulent year in which the world was gripped by tragic events such as the terror attack in Brussels and the ongoing fighting in Syria, surprised by Brexit and the US election, and saddened at the passing of iconic personalities. This exhibition provides an opportunity to look back on the year and the moments that defined it and we look forward to sharing these incredible images with the public.”

To view a selection of the imagery that will be on display, click here.

Year in Focus runs from 20th January to 11th February, 2017 and admission is free. Getty Images Gallery is situated in central London, not farfrom Oxford Circus.  Opening hours are from 10.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, 12.00 to 5.30pm Saturday.



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