World Steak Challenge 2017

In case you have been wondering where the best steaks in the world come from – we have the definitive answer for you.

Earlier this month beef ranchers and steak producers from nearly 20 countries and from four continents gathered on London’s Magic Roundabout, above Old Street Tube Station, to see the category and overall winners crowned in this hotly contested 3rd annual global championship. After a day of blind judging of more than 120 steaks by an international expert panel of 25 judges, invited guests from trade and media were treated to a barbecue party to taste the prize winning steaks for themselves and give their own verdict. There were also copious amounts of seriously good chicken from ‘White Guys Can’t Jerk’ and plenty of Pimm’s and Aperol Spritz to help with the celebrations.

The World Steak Challenge, which is presented by Global Meat News, pitches producers, breeds and countries against each other and awards include ‘Best Sirloin’, ‘Best’ Fillet’ and ‘Best Rib Eye” as well as ‘Best Grain Fed’ and ‘Best Grass Fed’. The event celebrates the pleasure of eating steak as part of a healthy balanced diet and prides itself to have established a new benchmark quality standard of steak production around the globe.

In the end there could only be one World Steak Champion 2017 and this accolade went to a Sirloin, grain fed and reared by F&M Frackowiak of Woj. Wielkopolskie, Poland and entered into the competition by ABP Poland. Two steaks entered by ABP Poland scooped four awards, making Poland the world’s best steak producer 2017. You can find the whole list of winners below.

Announcing the Champion, Chair of Judges Marco Peerdman said: “It was a very tidy entry with great marbling with a lovely trim. The tast was great, it was rich but a bit different – it looks like a wagyu but one you taste it you realise it’s not.”

World Steak Champion 2017 – ABP Poland for its Sirloin

  • Best Sirloin – ABP Poland
  • Best grain fed – ABP Poland for its Sirloin
  • Best grass fed – Martins Meats with a Rib Eye grass fed produced by Hill View Farm, Cheltenham, Glos England
  • Best Rib Eye – ABP Poland
  • Best Fillet – the 2015 and 2016 champions, Jack’s Creek of New South Wales, entered by Albers GmbH of Germany

The 10 gold medal winning countries are Australia 2, Brazil 1, England 2, Finland 1, Ireland 3, Northern Ireland 2, Poland 2, Scotland 1, Spain  2, USA 1. There were also 19 silver medal winners and 33 bronze medal winners. Seven medal winners are Rib Eye, five are Sirloin and five are Fillet. Nine were grain fed and eight grass fed.

In the words of the organisers: “Our mission with the World Steak Challenge is to track down the World’s best steak producer. If you like cooking, buying, serving and eating steak, our World Steak Challenge site will sharpen your knowledge and understanding of everything steak related – from steak recipes, steak cuts, steak from around the world and much more, we have it covered”.





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