Belgo – More than Mussels

If you are one of those people who still thinks that Belgo, the Belgium-inspired restaurant, just serves moules & frites, i.e. mussels and chips, and beer, we have news for you. We were recently invited to Belgo Holborn to sample the new menu and I have to say we were impressed with both the food and the beery cocktails or ‘Hoptails’.

Don’t worry, you can still order the famous Belgo moules, now available to order as a platter, pot or new stew style bowl, but why not try something else while you are there? For example the new sharing platter Dirty Grazer, an assortment of calamari, mixed croquettes, mussel popcorn, with a hefty serving of Dirty Fries.

Talking of Dirty Fries – Belgo frites, smothered in Belgian tomato sauce, baconnaise, pancetta and Monterey Jack cheese sauce – we loved those with a side order of chicken wings served with hot sauce or sticky smoked BBQ sauce.

Starters include three kinds of croquettes (two of them vegetarian), crispy calamari and a lovely light mussel soup with asparagus and garden peas.

For mains there are new burgers on the menu  – Bad Boy with sausage meat balls, Dirty Chick and Veggie – to join the classic Cheese Burger, all served in a brioche bun with onion rings, a dill pickle and either a salad or frites on the side.

You are after the perfect comfort food? Try the Garlic & Herb Sausages with bacon, beer gravy and stoemp mash.

Something less meaty? The Pan Roasted Cod with broad beans and Pilsner tomato sauce is lovely with or without chorizo.

And for something super healthy, and perfect when only a bowl full of goodness will do, is the Crackin’ Salad – avocado, quinoa, red chicory, rocket, baby gem lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, pomegranate, balsamic vinegar and a Granello cheese crown.

Or stick with the tried and tested moules or rotisserie chicken.

Belgium is famous for its waffles, and Belgo now offer not only the sweet variety, we will come to in a minute, but also new savoury waffles. The waffles are made with cheese and paprika and you have a chouce of topping: chilli tomato ragu & poached egg or handmade sausage & panacetta balls and cheese.

Whatever you order, make sure you leave room for dessert. We were treated to so many of the new items on the main menu that we had very little space for the sweet treats at the end. I guess we will have to go back.

The new bubble waffles are wonderful. You can build your own waffle (or crepe) dessert by picking from eight different ice creams and sorbets, drizzle it with your choice from seven delicious sauces and finish it off with your favourite topping. The lovely people at Belgo have worked out that there are 592 varieties you can try.

Or, if there are two or three of you, you might want to go for a fondue of Callebaut chocolate with fresh fruit, marshmallows and bubble waffle pieces. Other options are the new Speculoos filled Donoughts or a slice of Speculoos Cheesecake.

So, you have your food sorted – what about drinks?

Apart from over 60 Belgian beers, bottled and on tap, local craft beers, wine and soft drinks, you can also find classic and a bespoke menu of beer inspired cocktails, aka Hoptails at Belgo.

Try a Slagarita – Olmeca Blanco tequila, lime juice, vanilla and a bottle of Slag Pils beer. Or kick back and fight the winter blues with the Belgo take on a Pina Colada, the Pina Co-Lager, which adds a Mongoza coconut beer to the classic fruity cocktail. We also loved the Raspberry Mojito with Havana Club 3yo rum, lime juice, fresh mint and Raspberry Floris Framboise Beer and the Hop-ical Punch, which combines Absolute Mango vodka, lime juice and Floris Passion Beer.

Check out Belgo’s website for locations (5 in Greater London and 1 in Nottingham), menus and more.

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