Rouba.G’s Dragon Dawn Collection at Paris Fashion Week

At Paris Fashion Week, earlier this month, Rouba.G invited guests to the International Le Grand to show her latest collection – Dragon Dawn, inspired by a world of myth and fantasy and the strong women who live in it.

(click images to enlarge)

Dragon Dawn consists of an array of shimmering gowns, separates, cocktail dresses and jumpsuits, blending strong jewel colours effortlessly with flirty pastels. The gowns and cocktail dresses look like the go to collection for the modern fairy-tale princess who doesn’t need a knight in shining armour to ride to her rescue: embroidered corset-like tops and sheer floaty floor lengths skirts worn over hot pants, exaggerated transparent puff sleeves and plenty of ruffles in colours ranging from sea foam green to plum, blues, dusky pinks and neutrals. Scales feature heavily, printed or embroidered on the fabric and in dresses and jumpsuits made from handcrafted leather triangles that look almost like a ‘real’ dragon’s scales. These princesses are sexy and confident, glamorous and sassy and you can imagine them just as easily with a sword in their hands fighting in a mystical forest, as with a glass of champagne at a sophisticated party.

This is a beautiful collection by Rouba.G, combining creativity with timeless elegance and charm.

For more information on the designer visit or follow along on Twitter at @GroubaG, Instagram at @rouba.g, and Facebook at @roubapage.


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