Poster Girl: ‘Series 2.0’ LFW AW19

Stepping into British Fashion Council’s “DiscoveryLAB” we were immediately immersed into what could only be described as, 1960’s Malibu Barbie’s dreamworld. The receptionist ignored us as she answered her lip-phone, surrounded by vintage Vogue magazines and stubbed out, lipstick stained cigarette butts. This could only be Poster Girl’s ‘Series 2.0’ collection. Welcoming guests into another world outside the monotony of fashion week, we were so grateful for the attention to detail and playfulness they bestowed upon us.

Going further into the POSTER GIRL experience, we were met with the smell of lemons and heat wafting, as girl’s stood in front of us sporting chainmail dresses, with extended and asymmetric hemlines. Beautifully, heavy hand-dyed silks were in shades of purple, hot pink and navy, uniquely juxtaposed with chrome metal ball- chain straps, bring this oh-so-cute retro yet millennial collection to life.

(click on images to enlarge)

The delectable edible candy necklaces entwined with ball-chain detailing instantly brought us back to our youth. Cherry statement earrings and the return of the ‘flat-pack handbag’ were paired with candy rings and sweets. The playful, humorous element was completed by Leah, a 73 year old actress sitting beneath a vintage hooded hair dryer stealing the show.

We can’t wait to see what POSTER GIRL has in store next, with an ever-growing feminine cult following. We know they will continue to excite the senses, bring a breath of fresh air, and immerse us in their universe.


Victoria Patterson

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