Paula Knorr – AW19 LFW

Paula Knorr brightened our day at the Strand with her modern, unprecedented design technique, bold figure-hugging silhouettes and avant-garde draping, paired with sequin fabrics, Lycra finishing on back panels and a hint of ‘sporty’ detailing made us fall instantly in love.

(click on images to enlarge)

Playfulness and movement were evident throughout the presentation as the models easily bobbed along and had a boogie to Baccara in the background. The glimmer of the oversized Tunica’s and Palazzo pants, left us hypnotically starring, taking pictures and bobbing along. The comfort of easy to wear Lycra reinvented into show stopping gowns and elegantly draped tops seemed to flawlessly flow to the music, captivating the audience with soft Lamé velvets, dancing like water.

The enchanting sequins and velvet’s in rich reds, whites and blush tones, presented against the blushed metallic background contrasted beautifully with the sporty elements in the collection. The collection fully embraced the empowered female, letting the flow of the garments speak for themselves.

Knorr’s collection was in collaboration with Swarovski who not only helped to adorn the silk gowns and kaftans with crystals, but also helped create hand crafted jewellery. Paula, in conjunction with Swarovski, created jewellery in a geometric silver shape, which contrasted the oversized sequin, and brought her vision to life. One thing is for sure, Knorr had us dreaming of this collection as we left, thinking how badly we would like to stay and boogie, slowly letting the whimsical display replay again and again.


Victoria Patterson

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