Chill with Fido Dido and 7UP

How cool is that? Fido Dido the iconic King of Chill of the 1990’s has returned, teamed up with 7UP once more and invites you to take a break from your hectic life and chill out at his house in London’s Covent Garden on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of July. The multi-sensory and artistically inspired rooms of his house are designed with the intent of making visitors feel ‘Chill AF’ (Chill as Fido).

Enter a space where your mind can wander, being passive is productive and you are free to absolutely nothing at all. Step back from the frantic pace of modern life and FOMO and enjoy, for a short time at least, a selection of ‘inactivities’.

  • listen to chill inducing ASMR soundscapes or nineties tunes to lull you into a sense of bliss.
  • hang in one of the hammocks have a nap
  • get lost in simply watching artists doodle (or join in)
  • contemplate life from a deck chair & unwind with an ice-cold 7UP Free in hand
  • Cool down in Fidos fridge (you will need this by the end of next week if the weather report is anything to go by) and discover a hidden bar

Be laid back and chill like Fido Dido, the witty, sneaker-wearing, hammock-swinging character and nostalgic reminder of a more relaxing time (and boy, do we need a more relaxing time!) with the help of 7UP, the refreshing lemon-lime beverage. Slow down and appreciate the little things in life and rediscover the lost art of relaxation.

For those of you who are too young to remember or those for who the 90’s is a bit of a blur, Fido first appeared as the 7UP brand character in 1987 and became a much-loved pop culture icon of the Nineties. Tying in with the 7UP brand’s 90th anniversary, Fido Dido is appearing on limited edition packs of 7UP Free, available this summer and in stores until October. 7UP Free is the refreshing lemon-lime taste of 7UP, with no sugar.

When asked for official comment on his open-house, Fido was away from his desk chilling, but 7UP looks forward to welcoming a cool crowd to come and feel CHILL AF.

Fido Dido House by 7UP Free

Unit 6, 6a Langley St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JA

House opens Friday 26th – Saturday 27th July, 10am-9pm (free entry)

For more information and free tickets, click here


Instagram: @7upfree

Facebook: @7UPUK


Fido Dido is a trademark of Fido Dido Inc. and is used with permission. Copyright © 2019 Fido Dido Inc. All rights reserved









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