Ella Canta – Painted Black Menu

Martha Cortiz, the distinguished Mexican chef, has created a wonderful menu to celebrate the most important and famous holiday in her homeland – Día de Muertos, The Day of the Dead.

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Día de Muertos is a day of celebration and joy in Mexico, where family and friends get together, remember their dearly departed and try to help them along on their spiritual journey by celebrating with them, as this is the day their spirits are back among them for a brief period of time. It is a colourful fest, with elaborately decorated altars heaving with presents for the dead, from glowing flowers like marigolds and candles to elaborate paper mache skeletons, framed photos to pan de muerto and sugar skulls. Food and drink are a very important part of this festival, with picnics held in cemeteries and offerings left for dead family members and friends. Dressing up is also encouraged.

Martha Cortiz, who as a chef is inspired by her native Mexican natural harvest, culture, traditions and folklore has taken the colour black and and has created a menu, that has a continuous line of black running through it – a line that celebrates life.


Available 31 October – 16 November


Inclusive of a Painted Black cocktail

Quesadilla Negra

Black quesadilla with courgettes flowers

Pulpo con salsa negra picante

Octopus, black sesame sauce and lime

Pescado con polvo de cebolla y espuma de papa

Seabass, onion ash powder, potato puree

Taco de chamorro y salsa de frijol con chile morita

Pork taco, black bean sauce, watercress

Sorbet de jamaica con dulce de remolacha y narajanja

Hibiscus sorbet, beet and orange candy

María la catrina

Maria with her catrina costume

The photos that accompany this article were taken at the launch party for the ‘Painted Black’ menu at Ella Canta and hosted by model Sophia Hadjipanteli, where guests were presented with wonderful canapés, delicious black margaritas and champagne, as well as DJ sets by famous designer Henry Holland and friends. All the waiting staff wore the most fantastic Día de Muertos make up and many of the guests incredible costumes.


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