Designer Jewellers Group Host Summer Exhibition at Barbican Art Centre


The prestigious jewellery collective the Designer Jewellers Group are delighted to announce they are hosting their Summer Exhibition at the Barbican Art Centre for one month from 29th May 2016. Marking the first part of their 40th Anniversary celebrations this year, the exhibition will showcase the work of 20 leading jewellers from around the world in a unique display of jewellery, which will be open to the public. Consumers will have the rare chance to meet the jewellers themselves and buy pieces from each designer. Visitors will also have a chance to view the Manifest exhibition, an exciting touring show of jewellery designed for the hand. The Summer event will present work from the following leading jewellers from around the world including:

Guest jewellers showing with the group for the first time with the Designer Jewellers Group include Bola Lyon and Jelka Quintelier

The Designer Jewellers Group was founded in 1975 as a cooperative to promote the jewellery industry and the work of its members to the public. While the members work as a co-operative, the criterion for membership was, and still is, that each member should have an individual approach to design and a recognisable style to the jewellery.

With over 30 talented designers from around the world in the group, the DJG champions individuality of design and professional craftsmanship, bringing together an exciting diversity of styles in contemporary jewellery. All members are designer makers, working in precious metals, gemstones, carved hardwoods, Perspex, polypropylene and textiles, and using a vast array of jewellery techniques.

The DJG first exhibited at the Barbican Arts Centre in 1984 and since then has established a regular Winter Exhibition with the addition of a Summer Exhibition. Since 1996, a regular feature of the Winter Exhibition has been the invitation the DJG extends to recent graduates, selected at the annual NEW DESIGNERS exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington, to exhibit with the Group at the Barbican Arts Centre, offering these new designers a unique platform for launching their work in a professional environment.

The official 40th Anniversary will be celebrated with a special Winter Exhibition and press launch in November.

The Summer Exhibition will run from 29th May – 30th June and will be open from 12pm – 8pm every day. For more information, please visit the Designer Jewellers Group at


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