Sauvelle’s ‘Lights On, Nobody Home’ Cocktail

The lovely people of Sauvelle Vodka and Cutlass Communications invited us recently to the ‘naughty corner ‘ of Donovan’s Bar in Brown’s Hotel in London to introduce us to their new summer cocktail ‘Lights On, Nobody Home’, along with a few other summery mixes. As always, wild and beautiful Sauvelle have come up with something completely different and there wasn’t a strawberry in sight.

Lights On, Nobody Home

  • 70ml Sauvelle ‘Crafted French’ Vodka
  • 10ml blue curaçao
  • 10ml peach liqueur
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 10ml gomme

Method: Shake and serve in a light bulb glass

What can we say? It’s delicious! And I’m sure it’ll taste just as well served in a normal glass, if you don’t have a light bulb at hand.

Sauvelle (41 % abv) is a smooth crafted vodka made at a micro-distillery in the Charente region of Cognac in France. It is produced in small batches using French winter wheat and the clear spring waters of Gensac and is then filtered through three types of wood (chê ne du Limousin, charred oak and cherry wood). It’s smooth on the palate with hints of vanilla, caramel, almond and cherry blossom.

Brown’s Hotel is a five star hotel in London’s Mayfair that has preserved its traditional British charm since it opened 1837. In nearly 200 years it has hosted the great and the good, including many writers, from Oscar Wilde to Rudyard Kipling and Bram Stoker to Agatha Christie, as well as statesmen and royalty. It also played an important part in history, with Alexander Graham Bell making the first telephone call in Europe from the hotel. Donovan’s Bar is named after photographer Terence Donovan, with 50 of his black and white prints lining the walls.

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