Boki – Coffee, Cocktails & More

Wandering down Earlham Street in London’s Seven Dials you’ll find a brand new coffee shop, one that is a little bit different from those other coffee shops you find on every corner. In fact, it is a lot different as it is one of a kind and you can literally stay from having your freshly brewed coffee and a bite to eat in the morning right through to convening with your friends for food and cocktails around the communal bar after work. And it’s just a few minutes away from both Soho and Covent Garden, the perfect meeting place before going to see a show or a play in one of the many theatres nearby.

We recently went to experience Boki in the evening, meeting the owners Boris Becker (Bo) and Kim Mahoney Hargreaves (Ki) as well as drinksmith Matthias Lataille to get a taste of the cocktails and food on offer. Over a few Boki Negronis (excellent! Negroni with a smidgen of coffee flavour from soaking the beans in the Campari overnight) and Boki Espresso Martinis (wonderful! I often find Espresso Martinis too strong, but this was just perfect) we heard about the concept and the background of the venture.

Boris and Kim first met many years ago working in the film industry before deciding to give the hospitality industry a shot and after a previous pop-up venture, Boki in Earlham Street is their first solo launch venue. All products are carefully sourced and showcase the finest flavours and quality suppliers that have inspired the two. Key influences throughout the menus are from Becker’s international background in Asia to Mahony-Hargreaves’ love of great produce from his upbringing in Herefordshire.

Boki features Allpress coffee along with natural teas, freshly made juices and smoothies. For breakfast, health nuts will love Boki bowls with, for example, avocado, quinoa, beetroot, edamame & smoked tofu and for a more indulgent start to the day you should try the breakfast muffin with bacon, poached egg, and sriracha mayo. Or just have one of the delicious pastries.

A range of sandwiches, quinoa, chicken and veggie salad bowls or fresh charcuterie plates are available for lunch or try the signature Boki Classic Sandwich – pastrami, pickles, Swiss cheese on melting toasted brioche.

The evening menu offers a selection of small plates such as slow cooked BBQ lamb mini tacos with peanut brittle, mint and sweet corn salsa, chorizo toad in the hole with Harissa yoghurt and crispy chicken skin crackling with lemon and paprika hummus.

If you do have a sweet tooth, there is an indulgent and delicious range of desserts from salted caramel brownie, freshly baked homemade biscuits, affogato with Allpress espresso, or, if you don’t, the specially sourced cheese platter from Neal’s Yard.

For the signature cocktail menu to serve in the evening, Boki worked closely with drinksmith Matthias Lataille, you can look forward to Boki Alexanders to the Boki Clarified Milk Punch as well as delicious coffee-free cocktails like the Earlham Spritz. The wine and spirits menu has been sourced from small, exciting international producers, not readily available across the UK and even the house wines are excellent.

Boki Seven Dials at 20 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LG

Opening hours

Mon-Thurs 8am-9.30pm

Fri-Sat 8am-10.30pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

Facebook: BokiSevendials

Twitter: BokiSevenDials

Instagram: BokiSevenDials





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