Marija Sabić SS18 Couture Collection – Milan Fashion Week

Couture gown designer Marija Sabić successfully presented her new collection at Milan Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer ‘18 season.

Her inspiration was drawn by the curious and inexplicable beauty of the moon and its two different sides projected onto us.

From the one side we can see – full and gleaming – to the other side that we do not see, hidden behind the dreamy shadows of our imaginations.

The glow and beauty of the moon was projected in flowing elegant couture gowns. Few pieces of the collection were shorter and fitted, including a playsuit for an added bit of flair, yet still remaining ever so poised and feminine.

Crafted with intricate technique – each piece shimmered from a palette of pearl sheen, silver and rose to show the delicate romance of the full moon element. The mystery of the dark side was dominated with black, some with bold cuts and others with sheer lace panelling displaying the mysterious side to the unknown.

The collection questions which side one seeks within the imagination, dark and mysterious or full and shining brightly. Are our imaginations allowing us to shine brightly in the light or simmer into the darkness? Ask and the answers shall be found.



Emma Sengstock

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