Arbikie Gin Wins World’s Best Martini Challenge

Remember the World’s Best Martini Challenge we told you about?

Well, we have a winner!

The Showcase Martini made with Arbikie AK’S Gin was crowned the winner at trendy East London restaurant & bar Olso Hackney last week and took home the giant martini glass trophy.

Arbikie Gin’s brought a taste of local Scottish botanicals to the competition with their Showcase Martini. By combining Arbikie AK’S Gin, sea herbs vermouth, smoked liquid and lemon zest they have created a unique twist on the classic Martini.

Here is the recipe which was prepared by Arbikie Gin’s representative Francesco from the Gibson Bar in London on the night.

Showcase Martini


55ml AK’S Arbikie

8 ml of sea herbs vermouth

2 drops smoked liquid

Lemon zest


Chill the Martini glass with dry ice and zest the mixing glass. Place chunks of ice into the mixing glass, add all of the ingredients and stir. Remove the ice from the Martini glass and pour the mixture into the glass, adding a piece of lemon zest to garnish.

Recipe and method are ©2018 World’s Best Ltd.

Congratulations to the Arbikie team and Francesco!


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